Impact on Women's Position

Women entrepreneurs report that they have been able to raise their status and identity inside and outside their household, and strengthen their role is household decision-making. The majority of the women entrepreneurs interviewed stated that their income generally goes for better food, clothing, education for their children and other household expenses including their children's marriage. Despite the programme target to have 70% women participation, women lagged behind their male entrepreneurs in their rate of family income growth (average increase 48%). This could be attributed to a large number of part-time enterprises managed by women. However, the fact that a greater percentage of women recently begun new entrepreneurs, and because women faced more problems than men in travelling during conflict situations.

A small in number but highly successful women entrepreneurs are the single women, either widow or abandoned by their husbands. These groups of women have employed 2 -23 people. They have scaled up their enterprises, constructed houses, provided education to their children. Women who have had low self-esteem have become economically empowered, are at decision-making, have a higher standing in the community and a sense of solidarity. A large number of the women are operating home-based enterprises in a slow but continued mode due to their family responsibilities.

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