Management Information System

Information collection and dissemination on relevant areas of micro-enterprise support has been emphasized as a critical component in MEDEP. The Programme has set up a comprehensive information system and is running through the intranet at all levels. Besides, a management information system (MIS) and marketing information system are also in place. The programme can also be seen, as a demonstration project in alleviating poverty through the use of information technology in micro-enterprise development. The MIS within the programme are set at different levels.

The Programme has established an MIS both at primary and secondary target group levels. Primary target group is the target participants, whereas the secondary target group is the service delivery partner organizations.

Primary Target Group (The hardcore poor people)

  • Participant screening

The selection of participants is done through a baseline survey form for entrepreneurial screening. The screening criterion has 20 indicators to measure potential participant's entrepreneurial aptitude. The scoring is processed and recorded in the programme's management information system. Each MEDEP district has assigned one EDF/Database Assistant to enter data in all computer programmes. The access to data can be filtered according to programme location, sex, characteristics and also can be sorted in descending order for total score so that top scorers can be selected for potential micro-entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneur's registry

MEDEP has established a registry database of all the entrepreneurs in hard copies as well as digitally in the MIS. The registry records comprehensive information of entrepreneurs including their baseline records, which is quantitatively and qualitatively monitored and evaluated as they progress in their business. The entrepreneur registry has been very effective to extract data for monitoring and evaluation reporting. The database has details of entrepreneurs according to programme centres.

  • Business profile of entrepreneurs

The profile record shows detailed business records of the individual's enterprise in terms of transaction, turnover, customers, business associates, etc.

Secondary Target Group (Service delivery organizations)

  • Intranet system within central stakeholder partners for information sharing

The central implementing partners and MEDEP are connected through the MEDEP server housed at the NPSO for information access and dissemination. Both partner organizations and MEDEP are able to monitor and study the status of programme-supported entrepreneurs with the help of the District Programme Implementation Offices (DPIOs) through the Intranet. All implementing districts, central partners and the NPSO are part of a close network through the Intranet for faster and transparent communication. MEDEP Intranet users can approach and access information of MEDEP entrepreneurs using the Intranet, which has been found to supersede the fax, telephone or the mailing system in terms of efficiency.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation System

The system has been very useful in enhancing the performance of micro-entrepreneurs. The M&E system is linked with entrepreneur registry so that all the data are extracted from the registry. Furthermore, the system has been used to find out the needs and problems of entrepreneurs on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The trend analysis can be prepared with the help of monitoring and evaluation system to monitor various levels of performance during a certain period.

  • Customer survey and registry

The customer registry system creates a database of all possible customers of micro-enterprise products at the primary level i.e., shopkeepers, wholesalers and retailers etc. This database is updated regularly and information is disseminated to the micro- entrepreneurs accordingly. The registry helps entrepreneurs on the information they need for selective products or enterprises, which have a demand in the market.

  • E-marketing

Electronic marketing has been observed as a potential tool to directly benefit the micro-entrepreneurs. This helps expose primary producers directly to consumers and also helps towards eliminating exploitation of micro-producers through market intermediaries.

MEDEP is in the process of designing order forms to help its entrepreneurs sell their products. Product feedback, new product ideas according to the needs of the customers could be easily shared to assist micro-entrepreneurs.

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