Human Resource Development and Capacity Building

The development of human resource in the Programme is focused on building the capacity of human resource and institutions. Training has been a major instrument in achieving human resource development (HRD) objectives of the Programme. Besides, staff development and capacity building of entrepreneurs are also important HRD activities of the Programme. HRD is a strategic approach to investing in human capital. MEDEP has its major focus on promoting effective HRD and institutional capacity building for management and development of entrepreneurs. The Programme has given special consideration in strengthening the networking and capacity of local level initiatives to create entrepreneurship development stimulating micro-enterprise growth, thereby helping reduce poverty. The Programme has two levels of beneficiaries, its partner organisations and grassroots level entrepreneurs. As part of its capacity building initiatives, MEDEP has been continuously providing training and other supports to its staff and the staff of partner organizations to upgrade their capacity to achieve target output in set time periods.

The Programme's HRD strategic objectives are two fold:

  • Foster the development of professional competence and high standards of performance in training and counselling to entrepreneurs in starting and developing their enterprise. Under this objective, the programme provides a number of training, conducts workshops and exposure visits to develop the competency of entrepreneurs. In addition, MEDEP also orients its beneficiaries towards developing their social aspects such as education, improvement of health condition, empowering women towards decision-making, etc. through community mobilization.
  • Promote understanding of Training and Development and its contribution to the performance of individuals and organisations. MEDEP being a partnership programme, all its activities have tried to address the process of strengthening of institutions which would ultimately become the backbone contributing towards the development of their competencies which would help promote micro-enterprises at the centre and in the districts.

Training for Micro-entrepreneurs

Capacity building of micro-entrepreneurs has been addressed mainly through Micro-Enterprise Creation and Development (MECD) training package. It includes two components namely micro-enterprise creation and micro-enterprise assistance programme. Micro-enterprise creation training aims at developing entrepreneurial competence and confidence of potential entrepreneurs to help them start new ventures, whereas micro-enterprise assistance programme is for existing entrepreneurs to support them to successfully run their enterprises. MECD package includes:

  • Community mobilisation and sensitisation on micro-enterprise development
  • Gender sensitisation
  • Micro-enterprise creation
  • Micro-enterprise assistance (business management skill)
  • Saving and credit mobilisation
  • Business management and market planning

For existing micro-entrepreneurs, such assistance includes marketing, account keeping, production management, growth programme, etc which are essential to help them grow their business. In addition to this,  SIYB can be used as entrepreneurship development package.

Skill training in the Programme is demand-driven, and is basically provided by the skilled partners, the Department of Cottage and Small Industries (DCSI) and Cottage and Small Industries Development Board (CSIDB). Local staff, particularly Enterprise Development Facilitators and Social Mobilizers, help entrepreneurs to identify the technical skills they require in order to be more efficient in their doing. In cases when the partners lack resource persons or financial resources for such training, the Programme also directly implements such skill training involving other resource persons as far as possible.

Constant follow-up, support and counselling help micro-entrepreneurs to grow, to develop confidence and to continue their enterprises. Field staff assist the micro entrepreneurs to identify their constraints, and bridge the gaps by providing supports through the Programme.

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