Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurs play a catalytic role in economic development of a country. It involves adoption of new forms of business organizations, new technologies and new enterprises producing goods not previously available at a location. Entrepreneurship development is one of the key components of the Programme. It develops confidence and increases risk-bearing capacity of the potential entrepreneurs. Engaging in enterprise may not be of interest to all poor people. However, for people who have been challenged due to lack of education and productive skills, the Programme's empirical research has proved that imparting basic entrepreneurial and management skills could generate an overwhelming interest towards micro-enterprises. Access to micro-credit, markets and resources may not guarantee the success of an enterprise in the absence of entrepreneurship and basic management skills. The indoctrination of the ILO-promoted Start and Improve Your Own Business (SIYB) and Micro-Enterprise Creation training for the poor people have proved to be catalyst in the expansion of micro-enterprises in rural Nepal. To ensure that poor people with an interest in enterprise development are aware of the programme and its activities, the following entrepreneurship development activities are carried out.

  • Sensitization, awareness building and networking

It involves community sensitisation, village community meeting, orientation to the programme process, principles and strategy, sensitisation workshop, and networking with partner organisations for building network with service delivery organisations.

  • Identification and selection of potential entrepreneurs

The identification and selection of potential participants with entrepreneurial competencies is a critical step in the Programme. The Programme has developed special screening criteria which tests the entrepreneurial characteristics of the target participants. The selection procedures of the Programme aim to assess the potential entrepreneurial competencies of target groups, particularly women, who are eager to become entrepreneur, and to select those who, by virtue of their behavioural and entrepreneurial profiles, have a better probability of success.

  • Micro-enterprise creation and development training

The Programme has developed a micro-enterprise creation and development (MECD) training package with the assistance of Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI) for potential entrepreneurs. The package includes Micro-Enterprise Creation (MEC) and Micro-Enterprise Assistance Training (MEA). The MEC training exposes the potential entrepreneurs to the fundamentals of micro-enterprise, help build confidence, and to provide basic knowledge and skills in starting micro-enterprise. The training has four modules consisting of (i) development of entrepreneurial competency, (ii) business identification and selection, (iii) market and marketing concepts, and (iv) preparation of business plans.

The Programme has also initiated SIYB, a step-by-step entrepreneurship development package developed by ILO with technical support from UNDP for rural setting. The SIYB helps entrepreneurs to gradually acquire knowledge and business skills for business creation and development. The Programme has also formed a self-sustaining fund management committee including ILO, UNDP, MEDEP and related Programme partners for continuous production, sale and reproduction of the SYIB materials and managing the 'self-sustaining fund' for promoting entrepreneurship in rural setting of the country.

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